Webcam roulette for black people

Since I had learned so much from Peter's tutorial I figured it would be exciting to use some of his studio lighting techniques for my own webcam session.What I didn't expect was all the emails, tweets, and live questions concerning my lighting setup.For a movie that is ostensibly centered on such a naughty topic (a cosmonaut seeking to blast off his rocket, if you catch my drift), is actually, at its core, incredibly sweet.Our protagonist, Lucy, just wants someone to talk to.You are a photographer after all so shouldn't your lighting and overall presentation be awesome?Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking, "I don't have the money or room to setup a crazy 8 light setup to make myself look like a video photograph!

If this term is new to you it simply refers to the main light lighting your subject which in this case is you.

Keylights are typically the brightest light on your subject and normally come somewhere from the position of the camera.

Your keylight is going to affect the overall mood of your face more than any other light you place in your scene so experiment and make sure you are happy with the shadows it either casts or the shadowless beauty light it creates.

" That's okay because you probably don't want every single video session to look over lit and super stylized.

However, next time you are hosting that super cool Google Hangout or Spreecast session, you might want to take some of these tips into account before hitting the Go Live button.

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