Validating multiple email addresses

We recommend that you transfer your domain to a registrar that supports all required DNS records.

Providers that support all required DNS records: If SPF/TXT records are not supported, other people may be able to use your domain to send spam or other malicious email.

Based on the target ISP, it also verifies each address against a set of intelligent rules, which exclude most typos with major email service providers.

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These events may be used to track down the overall progress of a given set of multiple addresses, for example, and possibly feed a user interface element of your project, like such as a progress bar or a list of messages. It validates any address you give it against IETF standards (RFC 1123, RFC 2821, RFC 2822, RFC 3490, RFC 3696, RFC 4291, RFC 5321, RFC 5322 and RFC 5336, among others), thus guaranteeing its syntactical validity.SPF records work by identifying the servers that are authorized to send email from your domain. To add subdomains, you must manage your own DNS settings at your registrar's website.If you are letting Microsoft manage your DNS settings with NS records, you can't add subdomains.NET is configured not to allow domain literals in e-mail addresses, while allowing comments and quoted strings. NET is fed with a structure internally optimized for reducing delays and network transmissions, while obeying a configurable amount of time between each verification to the same SMTP server.Furthermore, the component is set to use a particular DNS server (instead of a system-configured server) for its lookups: var settings = new Verification Settings ; // The component will use just the provided DNS server for its lookups settings. thus respecting Netiquette and avoiding being tagged as a spammer by the external mail exchangers: var group = new Verification Group(); // Add some entries to the verification group group = new Verification("[email protected]"); group = new Verification("[email protected]"); // One entry also has non-default settings group = new Verification("[email protected]", new Verification Settings ); // Start the validation of the whole group, asynchronously await engine. Smtp); // At this point, every address has been validated...

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