Validating destructive test methods

Test methods need to be validated in many cases, in order to be able to rely on the results.

This has to be done at the organization performing the tests but is also performed in the development of standards in inter-laboratory studies (ILS), which are not substitutes for the validation work to be performed at the organization performing the test.

The validation of test methods requires a strong understanding of the uncertainty of the test method.

That uncertainty can be random or systematic; personal, procedural, or instrumental.

Customer and regulatory audits can be executed more smoothly because detailed documentation provides a clear link between a validated method and the systems, facilities, and procedures upon which the method is founded.

The methodology, advantages and disadvantages along with up to date research on NDT methods are presented.

Test method validation is becoming a more closely scrutinized part of the development and verification process.

Establishing that a test method consistently produces reliable results is a critical element of ensuring product quality and safety.

Hence, the importance of structural health monitoring is highlighted.

Addressing consensus standards with inter-laboratory studies (ILS) and methods specific to an organization.

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