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But then the system stopped working and each time he tried to activate the live traffic system, the touchscreen menu always showed the "traffic" button in a way that indicated it was no longer functional.

The missing real-time traffic alerts have upset many 2016 Mazda owners, including this CX-5 driver from California.

Mazda then allegedly started advertising the Grand Touring Package with portable Garmin navigation devices instead of the factory-installed real-time traffic software.

And there is no subscription option either." - Lewand says he brought his vehicle to the dealership numerous times for service and the dealer couldn't get the real-time traffic alert system to function.

"When we found out the Navigation system comes standard in the Touring package, we said great.

Then we found out why its free, because its does not integrate Live traffic.

Through its Mazda Connect update service, Mazda allegedly confirmed the live traffic feature had been disabled but admitted the software was originally designed into the current navigation system in the vehicles.

The plaintiff claims Mazda had a temporary agreement with a traffic service provider that enabled the automaker to provide the live traffic alerts, but the agreement has since expired.

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