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Yesterday, I shared how we planked the walls and ceiling.Just by doing that, the room looked entirely different. Now what we’re looking for is proportion and placement of the molding. RH: One of the first things we’re going to do is take some molding that I’ve cut slightly over sized, a little bit longer than we actually need. We’re going to cut an angle off one end with the miter box. RH: Laura wants this to be a hands on project so she takes over and makes the next few cuts. RH: Maybe something between five and six inches down from the top. It helps to be neat here so we trim the overlapping ends to creat a mitered effect. You can’t tell that is two inches larger than the top so the placement is just perfect.

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From the pointed end right there we’re going to measure down 24 inches. We’re going to drop the saw in sort of temporarily here. Adjustable C clamps will hold our stop block in place.

We cut it down to 3″ strips and laid it out on the door how I was imagining…

Once we had it laid out right, we used wood glue on the back of each piece, and nailed them in place…

Once we had both doors framed, we filled all of the nail holes and any seems with wall putty.

When it was dry, we went back over it with a piece of sand paper until everything was smooth and flush. We decided it probably wouldn’t hurt to prime the doors.

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