Two geminis dating each other

As same signs who share a lot of similarities, two Geminis can have an incredible understanding and flawless communication.

Their views on love and romance are basically the same, which is why their relationship will always be as they want it to be.

Since they are both known for their passion for heated debates and their versatility, two Twins in a relationship will never get bored.

The mind of a Gemini is the most amusing one of the 12 zodiac signs, simply because it is always full of ideas and always changing. The only one who can keep up with this is another Gemini, which is why these two have a great chance of success in a marriage.

Furthermore, they understand each other's need for freedom and will always have it.

This is a couple that is always up for trying new things.

These two can spend hours talking about anything, sharing a variety of ideas, telling witty lines and enjoying each other's company.

Since they are both Mutable signs and are not particularly good at being grounded, one of them will have to be the anchor of the relationship in order to succeed.

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