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It will search in all the enabled repositories will find the configuration file '/etc/slpkg/repositories.conf' will print all the packages that match the description that you enter.If you want to see if any packages are installed on your system enter the command '# slpkg -f ' which can remove the packages with all dependencies together after editing configuration file '/etc/slpkg/slpkg.conf' (default is disable) or add additional option "--deps".

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Get information description of a package with the command '# slpkg -p '.

Optional you can use the dialog utility with the additional option "--checklist" (require python2-pythondialog).

The last command is useful to print the entire contents of a package installed on the system with the command '# slpkg -d `_Testing-------The majority of trials have been made in an environment Slackware x86_64 'stable' and x86 'current' version 14.2.

The most famous command is '# slpkg -s ', this command downloads, build and installs packages with the resolve all the dependencies or switch off resolve with the additional option '--resolve-off'.

Also the additional option "--case-ins" help you find the packages with case insensitive.

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