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Diese Gruppe ist fuer Komasaufen und zuegellosen Sex.

Komasaufen ist sehr oft (fuer einige fast immer) mit zuegellosem Sex und heftigen Ausschweifungen verbunden da die Teilnehmer die Kontrolle und alle sexuellen Hemmungen verlieren.Mmmm I want so badly to kiss a girl slowly and passionately and eat her pussy to make her moan and cum!! Blue is so gorgeous with those piercing blue eyes..the way she moves and touches, kisses and how she pays attention to the other girl, looking at her..amazing! This makes me want to make love to a girl I don't know if I'm lesbian or not but I think women are sooo beautiful and would love to be held or kissed by another woman to know what it feels like to put my tongue inside and taste or the feeling of a breast in my hand .to see what it's like but I'm much to afraid because I wouldn't want anyone to find out *sigh* I just wish i could get my wife off like those two are doing.Last time i went down to lick my wife pussy she just lays there and not make sound like she use. Viele (besonders Frauen) beteiligen sich am Komasaufen um gerade das zu erreichen.Waehrend Komasaufen traditionellerweise ein Vorrecht der Maenner war, ist die Zahl der Frauen, die sich am Komasaufen beteiligen steil gestiegen.

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