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He arrived soon thereafter and ruled the cause as heart failure.

Since 1967, Stravinsky had suffered several arterial strokes, Miss Libman said, and had been in and out of hospitals since then. Burial in Venice In accordance with Stravinsky's wish, burial will be in Venice, in the Russian corner of the cemetery of San Michele.

Between the early pieces, written under the eye of his only teacher, Nikolai Rimsky- Korsakov, and the compositions of Stravinsky's old age, there were more than 100 works: symphonies, concertos, chamber pieces, songs, piano sonatas, operas and, above all, ballets. As early as 1913, Claude Debussy was praising Stravinsky for having "enlarged the boundaries of the permissible" in music.

Forty years later, the tribute of Lincoln Kirstein, director of the New York City Ballet, was remarkably similar: "Sounds he has found or invented, however strange or forbidding at the outset, have become domesticated in our ears." Aaron Copland estimated that Stravinsky's work had influenced three generations of American composers; a decade later Copland revised the estimate to four generations, and added European composers as well.

Figure of Fascination To all, Stravinsky the man was a figure of fascination. The composer marched through a long career with the self-assurance of a Wagner--and was so nervous when performing in public that he thrice forgot his own piano concerto.

He had many friends--Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Pablo Picasso, Vaslav Nijinsky, Andre Gide, Jean Cocteau--and many homes: Russia until 1914; Switzerland (1914- 1920), France (1920-1939), the United States (1939 until his death).

In every home he was restless at night unless a light burned outside his bedroom.

His stay there was extended somewhat, she said, because his new 10-room apartment overlooking Central Park was being decorated. The last words Miss Libman could remember Stravinsky's saying, she said, were, "How lovely.

This belongs to me, it is my home," as his nurse gave him a tour of the apartment in his wheelchair.

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