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I hated the idea that one day I may start to resent the children, so I knew I needed to find a different career path.

It just made me feel more secure in my job search knowing that I had someone I could depend on.

I could call Natalie or email her and she always responded.

I also took French courses at Ometz in order to perfect my French.

She was able to guide me towards the realization that I was meant to be in sales.

I always thought that my outgoing personality could be a great asset for a position in sales, but Natalie made me realize that being in sales is so much more than making cold calls, and that I could truly be happy doing this type of work.

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    It isn’t easy but each day I gain strength and re read your posts. You had the strength all along; you are more beautiful, strong and resilient than you even know. This moment just gives me an opportunity to work on myself and my goals and to better myself. They are soo inspiring Through these blogs I have now gain a sense of things that I couldn’t really understand. And the girl he was messaging within days is now the girl he’s seeing. Getting stronger on my own so my next relationship is a healthy one!!

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