Osl dating archaeology

This ban included a clause which continues to prevent the removal of archaeological samples for scientific analysis.

Thus, the study of Egyptian archaeology has not benefitted from this important chronometric tool.

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Luminescence dating utilises energy deposited in mineral lattices by naturally occurring ionising radiation to record information encoding chronology, depositional process information, and thermal history records in ceramics, lithics, and sedimentary materials.

The information is stored through charge trapping processes in populations of point defects in common minerals, and can be reset by heating (for ceramics and heated lithic materials) and/or exposure to light (for sediments and exposed rock surfaces).

Luminescence dating quantifies the radiation exposure experienced by target minerals (usually quartzes or feldspars) from the sample as an “equivalent dose”, measured in Grays (Gy), and representing the mean radiation dose which would reproduce the observed natural signal levels of the sample as prepared in the laboratory.

Amazing archaeology at Seven Sisters National Trust.

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