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This is the same sort of authority that every business owner has to make sure that his or her company keeps pace with the times.

And let me be clear: I will only use this authority for reforms that result in more efficiency, better service, and a leaner government,” said President Obama.

WASHINGTON, DC – As a follow up to last year’s State of the Union, today, President Obama called on Congress to reinstate Presidential authority to reorganize and consolidate the federal government, which will ensure swift action on his proposals to streamline government to make it work better for the American people while eliminating duplication, waste and inefficiencies.

“We live in a 21st century economy, but we’ve still got a government organized for the 20th century.

Currently, there are six major departments and agencies that focus primarily on business and trade in the federal government. The team reached out to hundreds of businesses, experts, current and former cabinet officials and agency heads, union leaders, Members of Congress and their staff, and thousands of Federal employees to find out what is working and what is not.

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chief executives and business leaders in Washington D.Or as he put it, “[W]e have always understood…that preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.” To be clear, Obama doesn’t mean this in the sense of a limited government’s importance in securing certain unalienable rights.Rather, as his speech made clear, he means it in the sense of an activist government’s importance in consolidating power effectively, redistributing wealth liberally, taxing and spending prodigiously, and heavily regulating the possession of that portion of Americans’ property that it allows to remain in their hands.Obama added that “everybody’s been impressed by [Xi’s] …clout inside of China after only a year and a half or two years.” Obama, who most recently met Xi last month on the sidelines of the APEC Summit in Beijing, warned that Xi’s rise and power consolidation could lead to negative outcomes. On issues of human rights, on issues of clamping down on dissent.

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