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Each department lends a unique perspective on the world.

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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers 4 degrees at the baccalaureate level: The majority of students in the College earn a B. KULAC classes allow you to study subjects that meet your interests (and graduation requirements) while sharpening your language skills, including the specialized vocabulary used in your career.Students are expected to enroll in two courses that meet Goal 2, Learning Outcome 1 of the KU Core in their first academic year of enrollment.Students should pay close attention to their degree specific requirements (such as for the Bachelor of Arts) given that certain degrees require specific Goal 2, Learning Outcome 1 courses despite advanced standing in writing courses due to examination scores.This career-exploration course allows students to design lessons and teach them in local schools. Through course work and classroom experiences, students quickly learn whether they are suited to teaching.Students pursuing any related undergraduate degree at KU can add the UKan Teach requirements to their major and earn a teaching license along with their degree.

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