Milo ventimiglia and sophia bush dating VO0 Hw8 — Entertainment Tonight (@etnow) November 23, 2017 Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr were couple number three from Gossip Girl to date in real life.

The couple was together for around 16 years before they went their separate ways. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter played the role of brother and sister on the show 'Dexter', the pair fell in love off-screen and started to date.

Fans loved the Dan and Serena show on Gossip Girl and to everyone's delight, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively took their romance off-screen as well.

The pair dated for three years but went on to split up.

When it comes to romance and chemistry on-screen, actors will do what it takes to make people believe in it.

When your favorite on-screen co-stars start to date off-screen it is nothing short of exciting and delightful.

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