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Her main research activities are focused in star and planetary formation, in particular: Willem-Jan de Wit is a VLTI support astronomer.

His scientific interest is star formation and in particular the formation of massive stars.

Pedro Figueira is an ESO Staff Astronomer since February 2018. from University of Geneva in 2010, under the supervision of Michel Mayor and Francesco Pepe.

His research focuses on Extrasolar planet detection and characterization, and on the development of dedicated instrumentation for this purpose. Specializing first on near infra-red spectroscopy and on precise radial velocity measurements in the n IR, Pedro has been working on the characterization of both the stellar signals and the minute signatures of low-mass planets. in 2007 from the University of Heidelberg in Germany (Ph D thesis at MPIA).

W 1977 roku jego ojciec ożenił się z aktorką Adrienne Ellis, której córka Laurie Holden to także aktorka.

Studiował dramat i balet w Arts Educational School.

Joseph Anderson is an ESO support astronomer and currently FORS2 instrument scientist.

Before moving to ALMA, he worked at the UKATC on studies for new IR & sub-mm instrumentation.

His main research interests are in star & planet formation, particularly debris disks, protoplanetary disks and IR/submm spectroscopy.

He received his Ph D from the University of Utrecht in 2001.

Scientific interests: Bill Dent joined ESO in 2008 as a System Astronomer for ALMA.

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