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He brought that same charm and whimsicality to the relationship. Having to know him in Jang Ok Jung, I already feel in love with his acting skill, but his acting in Six Flying Dragon was totally excellent!!

I fell in love with his acting skill for the second time.

His facial expressions whether happy, sad or angry were terrific.

Oh yes, I can't stop staring at his full lips that's unusual for a man and thank God he is so macho and so handsome in military uniform.

Anyway I have loads of wishes for Yoo Ah In dramas, and sometimes when watching a drama I think about how Ah In would have played the lead. His looks are great too, of course ;) My favorite drama with him is "Chicago Typewriter" because he plays the leading role soo well! Love you Yoo Ah In, How I lost for words to describe your talent, your passion in every characters that you acted, leaves me speechless. I was first fascinated by him as Lee Bang Won in Six Flying Dragons, can't expressed in word how I was really impressed by his acting.

In the drama Six flying dragons you shaking my heart with your excellent game, I did not know whether to love or hate you as you played you were a good person and a bad person, but also when you were evil you were good and your tears in the drama shattered my heart I've finished watching Six Flying Dragons recently and totally in love with Yoo Ah In's acting. He made Lee Bang Won multi-dimensional and one of most complicated characters I've ever seen on Korean dramas (well, I've been watching K-dramas for over 15 years).

I am too late to watch 6FD on tv but decide to watch it (download) after seeing Gong Seung Yeon and him in the 50th episode and ship them. Watching six flying dragons, made me understand the character of Yi Bang Won. Just finished the first movie of his that I've ever watched, Sado. @Moon Ah In not sure if u've watched the throne movie and the current six flying dragons that is still airing, but if u do, definitely u cant move on for another 10 years lol.

Now I feel that he is very cute and charismatic with his beards. i've watched the throne few weeks ago and i just realized some minf*** fact lol.

In his movie, The Throne, I fell in love for the third time then when I watch his modern day drama, Chicago Writer, for the fourth time, I also fell in love. I first saw him in "Sungkyunwan Scandal " (one of my all time faves) but became a true fan after "Chicago Typewriter" .

He is absolutely sensational in this show with twin roles as a modern day writer and a Korean freedom fighter. :) i like han see joo's character but i think Seo Hui Young's style suited you more well.

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