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On 20 June, the day before the opening, Monet and Petit sent a telegram to Rodin, urging him to come and install the rest of his works that very evening.Rodin did what they asked him, but the following morning, Monet realized that these final pieces, particularly , concealed a whole wall of his paintings.” To Mirbeau’s way of thinking, Rodin and Monet had embarked on the same artistic adventure and were destined to be equally successful.In November 1886, he wrote to Rodin about the paintings that Monet was going to exhibit at Petit’s gallery the following year: “He works hard and, in my opinion, he has done great things: it will be a new facet of his talent; a formidable, awe-inspiring Monet, of whom we were unaware…In 1887, Rodin was named a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.From then on regarded as an official artist, he sat on the jury of the 1889 Universal Exposition.

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Other galleries did not bear comparison to his luxurious and spacious premises, where Georges Petit frequently mounted international exhibitions.The terrain was thus ripe for what, in tandem with the Universal Exposition, would prove to be the main event of summer 1889.Plans had been set in motion the previous year to mount an exhibition of Monet, Rodin, Renoir and Whistler’s works at the Galerie Petit.His growing renown began to spread outside the borders of France: in February 1889, whereas Monet, Seurat, Pissarro and Gauguin appeared as guest artists at the annual exhibition held by the group Les XX in Brussels, Rodin was voted a fully-fledged member.Monet’s situation formed a stark contrast with Rodin’s success: although the painter produced a stream of masterpieces, he was constantly exposed to financial problems and confronted with the public’s incomprehension and the critics’ scathing attacks.

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