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You won't be able to change your Snapchat user name later, though, so stop and think before creating your password.

It also offers the option to verify your new account via a message sent to your phone (you can skip the step but it's generally a good idea to do it.)Once you're signed in, you can import your friends' contact info from Facebook or your phone's address book/contact list. The Snapchat interface is so simple that using it is easy and intuitive.

As of spring 2014, the company said its users were sending 700 million pictures and videos each day via the "self-destructing" messages it calls "snaps."Snapchat is easy to use.

You download the app for free and then sign up for a free account on the opening screen that appears to first time you launch it (the opening Snap chat sign up screen is shown in the image above.) It asks for your email address, birthday and a password which you create. After you provide your email and create a password, on the next screen you'll be invited to create a short user name.

And if your friend does take a screenshot of your picture, you'll get a notice from the app that they did so.

It will appear in your list of snap messaging activity, beside the recipient's name. The app is designed to delete the pictures and videos from the sender's phone after they are viewed.

The initial view is basically a camera icon with a big round blue circle at the bottom.

You click the blue circle (shown on the left in the image above) to take a picture.

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A little sliding color picker will appear, allowing you to choose what color you want to draw with.But Poke didn't prove to be anywhere near as popular as Snapchat, and its owner wound up removing it from from the Apple i Tunes apps store in May 2014.Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for a reported billion in 2013, but Snapchat's founders turned down the offer.Read this if you need to delete Snapchat conversations, messages and stories.Snapchat's tagline is "real-time picture chatting." On its website, Snapchat says that the company's philosophy is, "There is value in the ephemeral. That's because they are shared, enjoyed, but not saved."The founders compare it to passing notes in class and say people may like an alternative to the more permanent storage of the messages on Facebook.

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