Franco dating ahna

“It definitely looked pretty intimate.” and throughout this year, they’ve been associated with each other frequently.Then, Franco posted videos of himself and Agyness hanging out, acting couple-y back in March of this year.At one point during filming, Franco musters a squinty-eyed, narcotized grin – warm and wry at once – that’s familiar to anyone who’s ever seen him act.This smile is one of Franco’s most versatile weapons: It can communicate disarming sweetness, a threat of feral menace or Buddha-like bliss.Discussing this, Franco paraphrases a joke that Jonah Hill told at Comedy Central’s Roast of James Franco”My model, in a way, is ‘One for them, five for me.'” At a.m.the day after the mansion shoot, Franco arrives at the Fox lot, in Century City, to work on one of the 15-odd projects currently listed for 2016 release on his IMDb page.Forty-five minutes ahead of schedule, the scene is done. Breaking from a scrum of students and extras who want to take pictures with him, Franco spots me and smiles the smile, his fake mustache now gleaming in the low basement light. ” acting opposite Seth Rogen, who would become a friend and frequent collaborator.He was tipped as a next big thing for playing James Dean, and a prestige-picture trajectory soon suggested itself: He played Robert De Niro’s son in – rising to the enormous challenge of being the only face onscreen for almost the entire movie.

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They brawl in a stone-walled chamber, as gamblers in waistcoats and top hats cheer them on, like .

While the couple remain tight-lipped about their relationship, they continue to appear together at red carpet events.

n the basement of a crumbling old mansion in Los Angeles, two women dressed in 19th-century garb are beating each other senseless.

But it’s also perfectly possible that James Franco was screwing around on his girlfriend with a hipster model and really, isn’t that just a typical douchey Hollywood move? That’s gauche and common and not worthy of such a brilliant artist like FRANCO.

April 2006 - Present James Franco and Ahna O'Reilly began seeing each other in 2006.

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