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They work hard, are very passionate and maintain the utmost professionalism at all times.Charles Haynes MD at As CEO of Vizmond Media, we’ve been working with WRM Media for the past four years and they’ve sent us both high-quality and consistently strong volumes of data in the Performance Marketing sector.If you think that you’d like to come and join us, take a look at the job postings below: WRM Media, has been one of our customers and suppliers for over five years.As anyone in the industry will know, there is a total dependence on good quality and relevant data.Are you looking to work in a motivated and talented team of driven professionals?Throw in rewarding work and a relaxed working atmosphere and you’ll find that we’re actually talking about our workplace.

Not all traffic is equal, and we have found that what WRM Media has provided us with has always been of the highest quality.

With email marketing, we work with payout terms of CPM, CPA and CPL.

We enhance data with geo-demographic segmentation products such as ACORN and by monitoring thousands of pieces of behavioural information (such as offers our members have opened or clicked on, the type of device they used or their preferred time to open an email) we are confident we can target the most relevant audience to you.

We’d also be happy to discuss possible co-sponsorship partnerships, telemarketing deals or data appends.

If you’d like to speak to someone about our lead generation services, get in touch.

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