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Roth debuted a lounge act in Las Vegas the following year, which failed to draw much of an audience. He worked with them on some new tracks for their greatest hits album and appeared with them at the MTV Music Video Awards. Van Halen's reunion with Roth was rocky and, subsequently, brief; after producing a few tracks with his old bandmates, Roth went back to working solo. He tried to recapture some of his past glory by teaming up with his former nemesis, Sammy Hagar, for a successful tour in 2002. He was hired to fill the shoes of Howard Stern, as the popular shock jock had moved to satellite.Around this time, however, Roth began exploring a career beyond music. But Roth's days in radio broadcasting were short-lived.One rock journalist called the group's lifestyle as "a nonstop booze-and-babes party train." Roth himself has said that Van Halen made Led Zeppelin look like Boy Scouts., which proved to be Roth's most successful recording with the group, scoring their first number-one single "Jump." He also co-directed several of the band's videos, including the one for "Hot for Teacher." The suggestive yet comical video became popular on MTV.

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While the album had strong sales, Roth's musical shift was not a welcomed change by some.Born in 1954, David Lee Roth played with a few different bands before joining Van Halen.The band released their first self-titled album in 1978, and quickly became a top hard rock act.In 1979, Van Halen had their first hit single with "Dance the Night Away." The band toured to support the record, and Roth proved to be quite the showman.With his long blond hair and crazy spandex outfits, he won over audiences with his fast-talking patter, jumps and stunts.

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