Deaths from dating violence

As diverse as the victims are - from all corners of the Commonwealth and of all ages, races, incomes and educational levels - their struggles often share eerie similarities.Many were attempting to end abusive relationships, seeking legal protections and hoping to obtain custody of their children, while trying to stay safe.So many of the perpetrators' stories also share eerily similar elements - intimidation, obsession, possessiveness, revenge and refusal to accept the end of a relationship.Firearms are the predominant choice of weapon in domestic violence fatalities in Pennsylvania.The couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day.She had been a branch manager at Marathon Savings Bank since 1998. Barclay- Age 62 Barclay, 62, was killed along with Look at Marathon Savings Bank in Rothschild. Quirt Sann – Age 43, Wausau An attorney, Quirt Sann, 43, had been a lawyer since 2011, according to her Linked In profile.(This is not a helpline for victims.)The information provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only.

March 26th, 2017 Amanii Cardell Hodges – Age 2 months, Beloit BELOIT — A baby who reportedly suffered a skull fracture and was left in a vegetative state died Sunday and his father, who has been charged with child abuse, could face upgraded charges.Pennsylvania does not have reporting requirements for domestic violence homicides.PCADV compiles its annual list based on news accounts, police reports, and information received from our 60 community-based programs serving all 67 counties. – Two bank workers, a lawyer and a longtime police detective were killed in a shooting rampage in northern Wisconsin.A look at the victims, with information based on public records, interviews and summaries from the Wisconsin Department of Justice: March 22, 2017 Det.

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