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The name had actually been predicted in the run up to the launch - the leaked screenshots that turned up on the Apple developer site showed a new wallpaper in the background, which 9to5Mac thought looked like "mountains — or maybe sand dunes... Although, there appears to be a lot of debate around that R - we hear an R, but apparently it's not...shot at twilight", and therefore would represent the Mojave desert, for for mac OS Mojave. We suggest you listen to this video and tell us what you think.The public Mojave beta became available on 26 June - a day after the i OS 12 beta arrived. It is likely that the final version mac OS Mojave will be available for everyone to download in September or October 2018.While officially the next version of the Mac operating system is mac OS 10.14, Apple always gives its Mac OS a name.In the past the operating system was named after big cats: Leopard, Jaguar, Lion, but in recent years the names have been borrowed from Californian landmarks.Well, we now know that Apple has chosen to name the next version of mac OS after Mojave, the desert.At least we hope that will be the case - if you are like us, frequently dropping something on to your desktop so you can find it to email it, or edit it, you may be wondering if shuffling it away into a stack is the solution you are looking for, but we will wait and see.You can read about how to use Desktop Stacks here, we also have this article explaining how to get Desktop Stacks and Dynamic Desktop now.

Apple made the first developer beta available on 4 June, and relased the second developer beta on the 20 June.Despite claims that the company was steering away from making big changes in the upcoming version of the operating system - according to Bloomberg sources, during a company meeting the company had said that its main focus in the next version of the Mac operating system will be "security and performance improvements" - Apple’s Tim Cook promised that the next release of Mac OS will be: “Choc full of new fearless inspired by Pro users, but designed for everyone,” adding that is is going to: “Take Mac a huge leap forward.” Apple showcased a number of new features including the improved Dark Mode, changes to the Finder, better functionality in Quick Look, changes to the way users can take screenshots, ways to use the i Phone and Mac seamlessly, a new News app for the Mac, changes to Safari and a redesigned Mac App Store.Apple also previewed changes that won’t be arriving until later in 2019.However, the new Dark Mode in Mojave is what everyone had been calling for.In High Sierra, the unofficial Dark Mode adjusts the colour of the menu bar and dock, but little else.

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