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With the indictment of the Sierra Leone-UN Court, pressure from the US Bush administration and an offensive rebel attack on Monrovia by LURD and MODEL, Taylor on August 10, 2003, appeared on national television in Liberia to announce that he would resign the following day and hand power to the nation's vice president, Moses Blah.

On August 11, Taylor resigned, leaving Moses Blah as his successor until a transitional government was established on October 14. brought three warships with 2,300 Marines into view of the coast.

The Republic of Liberia was a one-party state ruled by the Americo-Liberian dominated True Whig Party (TWP).

The True Whig Party dominated all sectors of Liberia from 1870, until April 12, 1980 when indigenous Liberian Master Sergeant Samuel K.

In 1849, Portugal, Brazil, Sardinia, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hamburg, Brenem, Lubeck, and Haiti all formally recognized Liberia.

However, the United Stated withheld recognition until 1862, during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, because the U. leaders believed that the southern states would not accept a black ambassador in Washington D. Roberts was re-elected three more times to serve a total of eight years.

He established Liberian influence in the interior northwest of the Saint Paul River.

He conducted an expedition into Gola territory which he intended to subdue the Gola Tribe and their allies, but was terribly defeated.

Following Roberts, Stephen Allen Benson serves as president for eight years.

Bryant took over the leadership of Liberia on October 14th, 2003.

His title is Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), and he is appointed to serve a 2 year term.

The president from 1864 to 1868 was Daniel Bashiel Warner. Roye was the fifth president of Liberia and chief justice, and speaker of the House, before becoming president in 1871.

His main concern was how the indigenous people, particularly the indigenous people in the interior, could be brought into the society and become cooperating citizens. Roye began a program of reconstruction for Liberia, intending to build new roads and schools. Roye sailed for England where he began negotiations with London banks.

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