Dating or hanging out

Finish with a solid and definitive pass pack, "Give me a call when you have figured out when and where!

Looking forward to it."I know these tips might feel insignificant, but they are big steps forward when it comes to having an actual date and sending men the right message on how to proceed.

Especially if its a guy and gal going to dinner and a movie, or just to go have coffee or ice cream, its still a date. Dating - 1) activity of going on dates: the activity of going out regularly with somebody as a social or romantic partner. I just figured hanging out is what i do with my friends.......

However how did dating get replaced with hanging out? Hang out - 1) spend time somewhere: to spend time somewhere in a casual or relaxed way (informal). & if i am meeting a guy somewhere that would be a date.

Having a schedule helps keep your meet-up intentional and cuts out some elements of the ambiguity.

The only thing worse than walking into a hangout wondering if you are on the same page is walking out of a hangout after making out and wondering if you are on the same page.

But, turning a hangout situation into something much clearer means showing him that you can play ball, too.

It can feel like if I don't give a guy the noncommittal space he needs, I may miss the chance to convert him into actual relationship material. The truth is, no matter how much we bemoan the crises of gumption among single men, as long as we are going along with the status quo, we are contributing to a dating culture that has ditched clarity and intentionality for ambiguity and a total lack of direction.Which works out for him, in case it turns out he isn't.I have been there, and I know it is all so much easier to just take matters into our own hands.If he suggests " this evening" let him know you need an actual time because you have a life outside of waiting around for him.OK, maybe don't say exactly that, but that is the intended message.

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