Dating homer laughlin dinnerware

If there is any doubt left, especially with these three shapes, then you may have to look at the decorative treatments and try to figure out the era to which it belongs.

Towards the end of 1932, HLC started using two digits for the year. Many lines made during this time also included the shape name.

When trying to tell the differences between old and new Fiesta, many collectors will become familiar with all the various colors.

Markings alone are not a good way to differentiate the two lines.

This page focuses on the dated HLC markings used over the years.

The earliest dated mark I've found is from 1912, however, I wouldn't be surprised if a piece dated 1911 were to show up.

For 19, the shape names were still used, as was a number for the month.

However, the year changed from single digit to double.

Although the company started in the early 1870s, marks were not given any type of dating system until around 1912.For most of the 1920s, the markings are very similar to those from previous years.There are two major differences; a letter was used for the month, and "MADE IN USA" was put in place of the shape names.Notice the Piccadilly backstamp above has an "M" as the month -- the 13th letter of the alphabet.During the 1932 - 1968 span, the letter "I" was not used which sometimes causes confusion with the last four months of a given year.

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