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By the late Republican era, slavery had become a vital economic pillar in the wealth of Rome. 793, the Norse raiders often captured and enslaved militarily weaker peoples they encountered.

In 1571, the Crimean Tatars attacked and sacked Moscow, burning everything but the Kremlin and taking thousands of captives as slaves.From the early 700s until the early Modern time period (rough the 18th or 19th centuries) Arabs and Berbers (Moors) consistently took European slaves.This slavery began during the Muslim Conquest of Visigothic Spain and Portugal in the 8th century.Click here for the History of Slavery from a North American and European perspective Contrary to conventional thought, Slavery was NOT only endured by Blacks, all peoples have at one time or another been enslaved.The irony is that it is Blacks who appear to have created the institution of Slavery. " 92-99 "That man is indeed my king." It was just as he had said: Gilgamesh cast down multitudes, he raised up multitudes, multitudes were smeared with dust, all the nations were overwhelmed, the land's canal-mouths were filled with silt, the barges' prows were broken, and he took Aga, the king of Kic, captive in the midst of his army. C.) 15: If any one take a male or female Such institutions were a mixture of debt-slavery, punishment for crime, the enslavement of prisoners of war, child abandonment, and the birth of slave children to slaves.

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