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However, if you wish to avoid a denial, here are some of the common reasons it may occur.

If your marriage-based green card petition is denied, the denial letter should include instructions for appealing the decision if that is your decision.

This type of in-authenticity is was triggers a red flag, so it’s best to just behave normally. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available visa numbers, then a backlog will build.

Unfortunately, there is usually a backlog for each marriage base green card category.

Apart from the spouse, unmarried children under the age of 21 and parents of U. citizens (over 21) may apply for a green card as an immediate relative. One of the most important parts of the marriage-based green card process, which we can help you with, is the gathering and preparation of the application and supporting documents. citizens applying for a fiancée visa or marriage green card must be aware that immigration officials will scrutinize their applications to ensure that the marriage is legitimate and bona fide, and not for the sole purpose of gaining immigration benefits.If you have a K class visa and wish to transition to a green card through marriage, then here is the process: Remember, if you are still in the U. under K status, you may not need to go through consular processing.However, the USCIS reserves the right to mandate a consular interview to any prospective immigrant.Some couples think they have to behave overly affectionate to prove their relationship to the officer. It should go without saying but bring any proof of your relationship including photos from the wedding, bank statements, children’s birth certificates (if applicable), etc. Your attorney knows your case best, so trust that they’ll guide you accordingly. Below is a recap of the marriage based green card required forms. The petition itself takes about six months to process, but you will not be able to get your green card until your priority date is current.USCIS officials are trained to recognize signs that individuals are not behaving normally. In some scenarios, the officer may want to question you and your spouse separately. Simply remain calm and address the officer’s questions as honestly as possible. Consult with your attorney regarding any additional paperwork necessary. Each year, the USCIS only allows a certain number of immigrant visas (green cards) to be issued.

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