Dating a leo

Well, to be fair, there are a few other things you should know about dating a Leo zodiac sign.

Just call me when you say you will and we should get along fine.

If it's a ride in a gondola through Venice, or a short trip to the carousel in the park, what's important is that it's a memorable (unforgettable), truly special day!

Play and an open-heart make for spontaneous fun, like splashing in the fountain.

Play your cards right and you’ll be welcomed into that den.

Planning Dates Supporting Him Emotionally Maintaining the Relationship Community Q&A Some believe astrological signs can dictate personality.

Leo in love craves admiration, and to feel super special.

Their intimate times are intense, but also full of play and laughter.Leo knows how a Leo operates, and that can backfire if there are secrets to hide.The dating period is a high-visibility affair since both will want to show off the new flame. If one fiery lion proudly basks in attention, a pair amplifies the "look at me! The more high-spirited Leos broadcast their passions with some over-the-top affection.Both of these partners love attention and this is a relationship which will certainly be played out in public, whether for better or for worse.There’s nothing private about the archetypal Royal, so friends and family (and the rest of the street) will know all about the lows, and you can hardly miss the highs.

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