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If approved you will be notified after you have submitted your application.

Already have a multi-year approval loan and need additional funds for the upcoming semester? Depending on the level of degree you are studying for, borrowing limits vary.

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Ask Suze a question or get another answer Please note: This is general information and is not intended to be legal advice.Our private student loan gives you the option of paying immediately, making interest-only payments while in school, or deferring payments until you’re no longer enrolled.(Please note, interest will accrue during any periods of deferment.) Choose the time period to repay your loan: Rate and Repayment Examples No matter which term you choose, you can always make additional payments without penalty.There are lifetime aggregate limits to the total amounts you may borrow based on degree level.The ‘Total Citizens Bank student loan debt’ column shows the maximum you can borrow from Citizens Bank, while the ‘Total private and federal student loan debt’ column indicates the maximum amount you may borrow with federal and private student loans combined.

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