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They must have been at sea a month when Humphrey wrote to his cousin.

I expect you will hear ere this reaches you of our shipwreck.

by Kate Hamilton Dougharty – published in Hobart in 1953. Mattie was given two cases, one for her personal belongings and the other for kitchen requirements.

oooooo OOOOOOoooooo Extract Begins: The conclusion was that William and family would go ahead to Van Dieman’s Land……… Some of her clothes got short shift when she stuffed in amongst them, a big iron kettle and some heavy iron saucepans. Indeed, when she went on board, underneath her inherited green Donegal cape, her two favourite pots were tied securely round her waist.

Also they had lost all their possessions, so carefully selected and packed, with which they had intended to furnish their new home.

Not one of the party could understand or speak Portuguese, and though there was a British Consul they could turn to, they longed to be with their own people.

Then the gentlemen on board made a startling discovery.Pentland, the Supercargo, Mr Onge, Dublin, Captain Moriarty, his wife, child and two friends of his – steerage passengers, Captain Clements’ wife and two children, Mr. ” We had only five hands on board that knew anything about seamanship, and three of them were as great villains as could be met with.They were picked up in Cove, as the crew that shipped on board in Dublin left her in Cove.A big couch, some Chippendale chairs and the harpsichord on which they had already learnt their notes. They also bought clothes and hats suitable for the climate. No tins of powdered or preserved milk had yet appeared, so Betsy, the little cow, had to travel with them, in the anxious care of Paddy .Some books and rugs, a few home remedies for colds, beds, but not the beautiful four-poster which they hoped to get out later on, also wearing; apparel for all seasons (were there any shops in V. They hoped, if possible, to get a goat, for the Greys were not the only children on board, and milk was precious. The last two or three days at Roscomroe were crowded.

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