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In late May he was called up for injured second baseman Jerry Hairston, Jr.

He hit his first Major League grand slam in his second game (and his first in any sort of professional play) in the 9th inning against the Anaheim Angels to win that game.

Hairston fractured his finger in spring training, however, and Roberts became the opening day starter.

After Hairston returned from the disabled list, he was moved to right field, leaving Roberts at second base.

Never mind that Comcast is still struggling with an aborted merger and its title of America’s Worst Company!

By the end of the year, the 55-year-old Roberts will be vested in the Palm Beach Country real estate market to the tune of million — all of it cold, hard cash.

— The latest: Roberts is plunking down an estimated million on a mansion he and wife Aileen started building two years ago in the fancy Lost Tree Village.After the firing, Brian opted to transfer to the University of South Carolina, to continue his college baseball career with the South Carolina Gamecocks baseball team.Starting at shortstop, Roberts was named the best defensive college player by Baseball America.I’m sorry to say that if you’re crushing hard on the awkward and sarcastic Stiles Stilinski — then again, who isn’t charmed by him other than some angry packs of wolves? As fans know, on the MTV show, he's with something, but I'm not talking about Stiles’ werecoyote girlfriend Malia.I actually mean that the Teen Wolf actor is taken in real life and has been in a very low-key relationship since 2012.

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