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On 30 January 1951, not long before the creation of Baden-Württemberg, Ferdinand Porsche died from complications following a stroke.

In post-war Germany, parts were generally in short supply, so the 356 automobile used components from the Volkswagen Beetle, including the engine case from its internal combustion engine, transmission, and several parts used in the suspension.

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He also had to steer the company through some of its most difficult days until his father's release in August 1947.[10] The first models of what was to become the 356 were built in a small sawmill in Gmünd, Austria.

The prototype car was shown to German auto dealers, and when pre-orders reached a set threshold, production (with aluminium body) was begun by Porsche Konstruktionen Gesmb H founded by Ferry and Louise. Porsche Gmb H in Stuttgart in 1950, Porsche commissioned a Zuffenhausen-based company, Reutter Karosserie, which had previously collaborated with the firm on Volkswagen Beetle prototypes, to produce the 356's steel body.

Unlike the old tax structure, where the state of origin received tax revenue, in the new GST model the state in which goods and services are consumed is the state that will receive the revenue.

During his 20-month imprisonment, Ferdinand Porsche's son, Ferry Porsche, decided to build his own car, because he could not find an existing one that he wanted to buy.In 1964, after a fair amount of success in motor-racing with various models including the 550 Spyder, and with the 356 needing a major re-design, the company launched the Porsche 911: another air-cooled, rear-engined sports car, this time with a six-cylinder "boxer" engine. Porsche complained Komenda made unauthorized changes to the design.The team to lay out the body shell design was led by Ferry Porsche's eldest son, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (F. The design phase for the 911 caused internal problems with Erwin Komenda, who led the body design department until then. Company leader Ferry Porsche took his son's drawings to neighbouring chassis manufacturer Reuter.Reuter's workshop was later acquired by Porsche (so-called Werk 2).Afterward Reuter became a seat manufacturer, today known as Keiper-Recaro.

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