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As a fun bonus, Hyatt came out of retirement to manage Lance Storm in what was to be his last professional wrestling appearance.

She wrote a book, which came out in 2001 and talks more about her life as an emerging woman in the wrestling industry. Michelle Mc Cool The current wife of The legend who is The Undertaker, Michelle Mc Cool had a great run in WWE, being one of the first WWE Women’s and Divas Champions before she decided to step away from in-ring competition after having a career that was plagued with injuries.

While it might be har Pro wrestling is all about interesting storylines and creating a ton of controversy.

While it might be hard to distinguish, they do have personal lives outside of the ring.

Let’s hope if she makes it to the big show, she doesn’t gain an even more widespread nasty reputation! Missy Hyatt Widely considered to have been The First Lady of Wrestling, Missy Hyatt was thought to have been involved with a long list of wrestlers during her time in WCW and ECW.

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Wrestlers usually stick to their own because they travel the world 300 plus days a year which means they have very little free time to go out and meet new people.This included a moment in which she had her nose fractured while touring overseas because Victoria messed up her clothesline! Michelle also broke her ribs and her sternum, torn her MCL and that’s just getting started.So while nobody blames her for walking away, I think we’re all hoping she still shows up alongside The Undertaker once in a while!Hopefully Gilbert’s promiscuous days are behind her, as she married Gilbert in 1988.Missy was a part of many sexual harassment storylines during her time in the wrestling business, but mostly she is remembered as being a successful manager and valet.

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