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This section will provide you with a brief, easy-to-understand description of the surgical procedure.magandang morning sa lahat-lahat this is a sound advice... Brey i told noon na magandang lugar mo malamig at hindi pa puluted...The tibial component has two elements - a metal base and a plastic insert - and replaces and the top of the tibia (shin bone).This prosthesis is made up of a metal tray attached directly to the bone and a high-density plastic spacer that provides the bearing surface.I will have this hanging sa tarpaulin in my rueda that way my other friends will have to heed this advice !!! rpchef: your handle name says 'chef' are you a chef talaga? you are welcome to come here specially you are a friend pala ni black_spur. Ang una mong mapupuna is the fact that the chooks looks very different from any other chooks...from norway ka pala the pilipinos are every where !!! Magaling ang Amerikano na ito pati ang kanyang kaibigan kasi pag kausap mo hindi ma-ere. Ang dream ko naman eh itong 2 Amerikano na ito eh makalaban sa malaking sabungan dyan sa atin. mahalata kaya ng friend natin pag biglang mawawala yan sa saturday ??? The young red quill i held was just right for me he was tamed and really gorgeous looking...For this reason, implants have been shown to last between ten and fifteen years in the human body.

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One of the keys to a successful implant is its ability to withstand the rigors of daily activity, and central to that is the quality of the artificial surfaces that slide against each other, or articulate, in the new joint.

It has a complex rotational motion that you don't notice is there - but many patients know when it's not there after total knee replacement.

Traditional implants attempt to recreate this subtle swing-and-rotate action with either a rotating platform (a simple pivot point) within the implant or by requiring an angled alignment of the implant during surgery.

The patellar component replaces the surface of the knee cap, which rubs against the femur.

The patella protects the joint, and the resurfaced patellar button will slide smoothly on the front of the joint.

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